Personal training can be a difficult and grueling process. Pay attention, because this scenario might resonate with you. After a series of spurts and false starts, you’re finally able to get in the groove of working out every day, and you’re beginning to make some real gains and progress. Then, like a lightning strike out of nowhere, you get hurt and suddenly find yourself laid up in bed or in the hospital and unable to continue working out. Your next question becomes, “How do I train after an injury.”


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While recovery is definitely the most important thing you should focus on after suffering from an injury, this doesn’t mean that you can’t plan for the day you’re finally able to get back to the gym. Getting hurt is not a permanent set back, and there are certain exercises you can pursue even as you recover.


Start Small and Work Your Way Up

As you begin your training regimen again after your injury, you should start small with simple, easy-to-do exercises and work your way up as you recover by making manageable increases in exercise intensity over time. You don’t want to put any excess strain on your body, and in order to do that, you’ll need to slowly build up over time. Otherwise, you run the risk of more injuries and time away from achieving your personal fitness goals.

When looking for a signal on when to move up to the next level in your training, use your pain or soreness as a gauge. If you’re able to perform an exercise without any excess soreness or pain, then you can increase the intensity the next time you do that same exercise.

It’s important to remember that no matter your progress, reaching the level of performance you were at before your injury will take time and a lot of patience. Be prepared and give yourself credit for any progress you do make as you work your way back toward full health.


Ease Into Exercise

As time goes by without working out, your body will begin to lose muscle mass and your level of endurance will also likely decrease as well. The key to regaining your strength and endurance is easing yourself back into exercise.

A general rule to follow is that the time you spent away from exercise is about the time it will take you to get back to your normal workout routine. This means that if you were laid up in bed for two weeks without working out, then it will take you around two weeks to return to your regular workout routine.


Don’t Overdo It, Focus on What You Can Do Right Now

As you ease back into exercising again and begin feeling better, overconfidence may start to get the best of you and you may be tempted to overdo the intensity or frequency of your workouts.

It’s extremely important that you don’t overdo it! Trying to progress too fast, adding on too much weight, or increasing frequency too quickly is a surefire way to re-injure yourself and set yourself back even further. Instead of risking another injury by rushing back into high-intensity workouts, focus on the exercises your body is able to comfortably do right now. You’ll still make progress, and with time and patience, you will get back to the peak physical shape you were in before.


Skip the Weights Until the Doctor Says So

Out of all the exercises you can do after recovering from an injury, weightlifting is the one you should definitely postpone, at least until you get medically cleared by a doctor. This is due to the immense stress lifting weights puts on your body.

After you get the go-ahead from your physician, start first with simple body weight moves before easing back into light weight workouts. How light? Definitely lighter than you think. Your body loses all the adaptations it learned after being away from the gym for as little as two weeks, so all of that muscle memory will have to be relearned. Weight lifting will also make your muscles sore, so you’ll need to start small and increase gradually in order to avoid re-injury.


All-Inclusive Health Is Here When You’re Ready to Train Again

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