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Fitness nutrition specialists at All Inclusive Health create customized nutrition plans for all clients who are committed to healthy living. Whether you need personal training or nutrition counseling, we ensure that both your long-term and short-term goals are met. We understand that no two bodies or lifestyles are the same, so we use our expertise to develop nutrition and fitness plans for everyone’s unique habits.

At All Inclusive Health, we use a Tanita body composition analyzer to determine the specific base metabolic rate (BMR) for every client. BMR is the number of calories your body burns each day. The more muscle mass and/or less body fat a person has, the more calories their bodies burn, even at rest. That is why building muscle and losing fat (or converting fat to muscle through strength training) is so important for lasting results. You can increase your BMR even without losing or gaining pounds.

We offer fitness assessments and nutritional need analysis. Knowing the specific amount of calories your body needs allows us to create a customized plan. Based on body type we can recommend an appropriate macro-nutrient intake that stays within caloric needs.

Personalized Nutrition Counseling

Dietary plans developed by our team customized for everyone including those who are:

Vegetarian or Vegan

Vegetarian and vegan clients are welcome at All Inclusive Health. Whether you have ethical concerns about animals, worry about the environment, or are just trying to eat fewer animal products, your health will not be overlooked by our nutrition team. Our New Orleans fitness nutrition specialists know how to create balanced and nutritious meal plans that are free of meat (or all animal products). Vegan and vegetarian diet plans include lots of plant-based protein and unprocessed food recipes. Past vegetarian and vegan clients have turned their processed diets into balanced and nutritious eating plans focused on the right nutrients.

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Endurance Runners

Race training should be easy. With the right food choices, endurance runners are able to fuel their bodies for a race of any distance. Regular long-distance running can change someone’s daily caloric needs, so we show clients who run how to eat enough without eating too much. Our team also trains novice runners to become confident race finishers, so we know all the secrets to healthy carbo-loading, choosing gels, and picking protein supplements.

In Need of a Body Composition Change or Weight Loss

People associate gyms with those trying to lose weight. But, All Inclusive Health also helps slimmer clients transform their body composition from fat to muscle. We develop eating plans that include wholesome fat-burning foods for all body types. Eating too many processed, refined foods (like white bread and fast food) is not good for anybody, so these types of diet plans include healthier alternatives to those choices. Our customized meal plans teach you how to create fat-burning diets in a quick and budget-friendly manner.

Allergic to Many Foods

Food allergies should never be ignored, and they are never overlooked by one of our fitness nutrition specialists. In your consultation, we determine every type of food your body is allergic to and create a plan around those dietary restrictions. Diets and eating plans exclude any substance you cannot eat, whether that’s dairy products, eggs, nuts, or anything else.

Gluten or Casein Intolerant

Being gluten-free or casein-intolerant is nothing to get worked up about. There are a number of alternatives available in most grocery stores today that can be enjoyed instead. Our plans teach you which of these gluten-free and casein-free products to eat, which to avoid and which recipes to try

NOTE: Regardless of dietary concerns, our New Orleans nutrition specialists are certified to provide you with any dietary guidance you need. All Inclusive Health’s nutrition plans are not intended to diagnose, treat, or otherwise address any medical illness or disease. They simply serve as a healthy eating guideline for clients with conflicting medical issues. Each client must first receive medical clearance before starting a plan. We currently do not have any registered dieticians or licensed nutritionists on our team.