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Benefits of Personal Training

You’ll gain the skills to exercise with confidence when you train with All Inclusive Health. Knowing your fitness goals and understanding the benefits of personal training before heading into the gym is important. We use our years of expertise and personal experience to help establish your goals from at the onset of your workout. When you know which goals you should (and should not) try to reach, going to the gym becomes much more fulfilling. A successful personal training experience with us leaves you feeling accountable and encouraged. Working out is about being smart, not “going hard.”

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Understanding what you want out of your exercise regimen is the first step of personal training. Our mission is to help build client independence through basic fitness education.

Some clients come to us to lose weight and think they need to lose a lot more than they actually do. We help you realize what a healthy weight is for your body type, height, and gender. All Inclusive Health understands weight proportionality and wants you to know how it works, too. When you know exactly how much weight you should lose, you can develop a healthier relationship with the gym and, in turn, find more motivation to go.

Other clients come to us simply to feel better and live a more active lifestyle, whether it’s for sports or for life in general. We help them realize their goals, too. Training for sports should be safe, yet workout injuries are all too common. By understanding the key elements of basic fitness routines, we can stay healthy in simple and sustainable ways.

Benefits of Personal Training

Mix Up Your Daily Fitness Routine

To make sure our clients feel engaged enough to reach their goals, All Inclusive Health teaches them how to mix up their routines. Mixing up your routine can be the difference between seeing it through and giving up halfway. As they say, time flies when you’re having fun, and diversifying your workout routine is a great way to make exercise enjoyable day after day.

No two sessions at All Inclusive Health are exactly the same. Sometimes we do a traditional mixed routine of cardio and strength training. Other days, we try something more time efficient and rigorous, such as PiYo, circuit training, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

With the right encouragement and proper training, All Inclusive Health can get you enthused about a lifelong appreciation for fitness. We’re excited for you, and we cannot wait to see you at our Magazine Street location in Uptown New Orleans.

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Pick your ideal package! Each training package includes an initial consultation (for new clients), personalized program design, goal setting, custom workouts with data detail (copy provided to the client), basic nutrition guidance, and progress tracking through regular assessments. We incorporate everything you need to succeed in these all-inclusive training packages.

5 Sessions$550
10 Sessions$950
20 Sessions $1600


Make training twice as fun with our doubles training. You and a partner can choose from our selection of training packages and work out together while saving money. All packages include an initial consultation (for new clients), personalized program design, and detailed session and assessment data documentation for each person.

5 Sessions$450/person
10 Sessions$700/person
20 Sessions $950/person