Bosu balls look like a chopped version of the ever-so-popular exercise balls and they are incredibly versatile pieces of workout equipment. Bosu ball exercises can help you perform dynamic workout circuits that benefit your abs, arms, legs, and so much more. This one piece of equipment can give you a killer workout with just a few bosu ball exercises.

bosu ball exercises

The Basics of Bosu Ball Exercises

Bosu ball exercises can target specific problem areas or give you a full body workout. Here are some of our favorites for you to try:

Cardio: Bosu Ball Mountain Climbers

This bosu ball exercise is a modification of the standard mountain climber. Place the bosu ball with its dome side down and get in a plank position with your hands flat on the platform and your toes on floor. In a smooth motion, alternately pull each knee in towards body in a sprinting style as quickly as you can while maintaining balance and keeping hips in a level plank.

Total Body: Squats

For this bosu ball exercise, you can choose to have the dome facing up and the flat side on the floor or vice versa. Balance your stance on the top side of your choice, making sure you’re standing hip-width apart. Squat down, hold for about three seconds, and repeat.

Upper Body: Push-Ups

Start by placing the dome side of the bosu ball on the floor so the flat side is facing up. Grip the sides of the flat side in push-up position. Be sure to keep your body aligned straight and lower your elbows down into a push-up. Then, straighten up your elbows, and repeat.

Core: V-Sits

Have the flat side of the ball on the ground and sit yourself on the dome side. Lift your legs off the ground and lean back, keeping your back straight and using your abs! Lift your arms, hold for a few seconds, release, and repeat.

Getting Started with Bosu Ball Exercises

If you’re feeling ready to get started with a workout full of challenging bosu ball exercises, contact the experts at All Inclusive Health! All Inclusive Health, located on Magazine St. in New Orleans, has the equipment, space, and expertise you need to get a great workout. Call 504.715.0397, inquire online, or visit us today! If you want to learn more about other types of workouts, check out the our blog post on HIIT.