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What to Expect from Personal Training

No two bodies are exactly alike. That’s why our personal training sessions are tailored to each individual: their goals, their limitations, their fitness level, and everything that makes them and their body unique.

At All Inclusive Health, we cater our fitness routines to New Orleans clients with a wide array of needs. Every day at the gym should be productive, effective, and different. Working out with a personal trainer allows you to get the most out of each visit, no matter if you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle, or just get in better shape. After our training sessions, you should be able to work out alone (or with a friend) and achieve stronger results each time. Come to All Inclusive Health to establish healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Even though our clients are at different fitness levels and require individualized routines, we make sure to cover the basics (and more) of effective exercise.

What to expect from personal training
Expectations of Personal Training

Weight/Resistance Training

Building muscle strength makes you look better and improves your metabolism. By lifting heavier weights, you’ll be able to create the sculpted body of your dreams. With lighter weights, you can build endurance for fast-paced sports, such as running and soccer.

Abdominal/Core Strength Training

Strong core muscles don’t just give you abs to show off. Having a strong abdomen improves your balance and stability, and it can even reduce back pain. Once your lower back, hips, side obliques, and abdomen work in harmony, you should see positive changes in your overall fitness.


We’re not a yoga or Pilates studio, but we do offer PiYo, which combines the two in a single workout. Firm your core muscles through the Pilates moves, and build strength and flexibility with the yoga poses. It’s a great workout for those looking to build lean muscle with elegance.


Don’t like free weights? Try building strength using your own body weight. This full-body strength training workout utilizes just that. It’s great for your whole body and excellent for your abs.


High-intensity interval training is ideal for weight loss. While some believe spending all day at the gym is the way to lose weight, you’ll find you can achieve the same results in less time with HIIT. Think of a workout with short bursts of hard work, and you’ll have a good idea of what HIIT is like.


For those who like to change things up, circuit training is the way to go. In this type of exercise, you go from one fitness move to the next. Each exercise lasts anywhere from 30 seconds to five minutes. Begin at one workout station and slowly make your way around until you complete all the other stations.

Cardio/Endurance Training

Cardio is designed to get your heart rate up, improve your resting heart rate, help you burn fat, and improve your sports performance. Cardio is often done on the elliptical, treadmill, or stationary bike, but it can be done other ways as well.

Sport-Specific/Race Training

Make it to the finish line at your favorite city race with our help. We can get you in shape for your sport, your half-marathon, and so much more. You’ll be glad you trained with us.

Flexibility Work

Becoming more flexible isn’t just about impressing others. Flexibility makes it easier to do day-to-day tasks, such as making the bed, sweeping the floor, and playing with your kids. With the right training, we can help you touch the ground without having to bend your knees and much more.


Plyo is the perfect solution for athletes looking to increase their power. By training this way, you can build both speed and strength at the same time. It’s a great addition to any sport training routine.

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Pick your ideal package! Each training package includes an initial consultation (for new clients), personalized program design, goal setting, custom workouts with data detail (copy provided to the client), basic nutrition guidance, and progress tracking through regular assessments. We incorporate everything you need to succeed in these all-inclusive training packages.

5 Sessions$550
10 Sessions$950
20 Sessions $1600


Make training twice as fun with our doubles training. You and a partner can choose from our selection of training packages and work out together while saving money. All packages include an initial consultation (for new clients), personalized program design, and detailed session and assessment data documentation for each person.

5 Sessions$450/person
10 Sessions$700/person
20 Sessions $950/person