TRX exercises are simple and require only basic equipment. This innovative form of training, called suspension training, uses mostly your body weight to burn fat, build strength, increase flexibility, and more! The American Council of Exercise conducted a study that proved the effectiveness of TRX exercises in both the short term (for one workout) and long-term (after several weeks). To access all the benefits of suspension training in New Orleans, get started with TRX exercises today! All Inclusive Health provides access to TRX suspension training in New Orleans that will work your entire body.

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What You Need For TRX Exercises

TRX exercises are sold online by TRX Training. You need one of the straps, otherwise known as the suspension trainers. The strap can be set up anywhere so you can easily do suspension training in New Orleans. Set it up your TRX on a tree in Audubon park, or come into All Inclusive Health for a great workout using suspension training in New Orleans. TRX exercises rely on gravity and your body weight, so you really just need a secured TRX and some room to get started!

TRX Exercises to Try

This very simple piece of a equipment has so many exercises to get started with, it might be hard to figure out where to begin. To get you going, here are a few TRX exercises you can try.


TRX Push-Up

Kneel down next to the TRX and place the tops of your feet in the handles. Leaving your feet in the handles, enter plank position. Keep your body aligned straight, and lower your elbows down, and push them back up. Repeat.


TRX Low Row

While standing, grab the TRX handles with each hand with your palms facing each other. Lean back until your arms are straight and your body weight is in your heels. Squeeze your shoulders together as you pull your body to have your chest meet your hands. Release slowly back to your starting position, and repeat.


TRX Single Arm Row

This TRX exercise is similar to the TRX Low Row listed above, but this move uses one arm at a time. Follow the instructions for a TRX Low Row, but use one arm at a time! Be careful not to compromise your form, as your form is key to working all you arms and shoulders. After one arm’s set, switch arms and repeat.


TRX Glute Bridges

Lie on your back and hook ankles in the handles. Form a 90-degree angle with your legs by moving your heels towards your torso. Then, lie your arms out beside you and lift your hips up until upper body’s at a diagonal. Be sure to really squeeze and engage your glutes! Then, lower your body down to the starting position and repeat.


TRX Squat

The squat is notorious as one of the best exercises for your body, and your TRX strap can help you achieve more from your squats with stability assistance and help improving your form. Grab the TRX handles and stand up tall. Now step back such that you’re holding the TRX in front of you with straight arms. Bend your knees to around 90 degrees, lowering your body into a squat, still holding onto the straps such that your head is at about the height of the handles. Use your legs to push your body back upright, and repeat.

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