New Orleans is filled with phenomenal places to run. You can run through City Park, Audubon Park, the streetcar line, and so much more. New Orleans running programs can be fun and help you get to know this amazing city, but there are a few things you need to know before you learn how to train for a race.

Running in New Orleans

New Orleans running programs can range in intensity and length of training, but no matter what program you want to train with, you need to consider a few factors when running during the summer months.

Watch the Humidity

If you’ve gone for a run in the New Orleans heat before, it will be no surprise to you that hot and humid conditions make a run feel extra difficult. The reason for this increased difficulty can be backed by science. Your body’s ability to sweat is its natural cooling system and as sweat evaporates off your body and into the air, you feel cooler and more temperature regulated in the heat. However, in a humid environment, the sweat does not evaporate as easily, which disrupts this natural cooling system. Try to run at the least humid hours of the day (check your local weather forecast), and be sure to hydrate!

Remain Consistent

When you ask other runners or a coach how to train for a race, you will likely get advice on a running plan, which routes to take, and more. However, all of this is not going to matter if you don’t stick to the plan. Training for a race involves a deadline. Races won’t move because you’re not ready for them, so you’ve got to stay on top of your game to be ready on race day. New Orleans running programs might promote different locations, paces, and distances for you to run, too. These little changes can help keep you excited to train every day. Implement the changes you need into your New Orleans running program to keep you on track with your training and stay consistent so you will be ready on race day!

Get the Right Gear

New Orleans is notorious for its bumpy roads and crazy sidewalks. Throughout the summer, conditions could also get muddy, dusty, or treacherous. If you’re concerned how to train for a race, then you should make sure that you have the best gear possible to face the city. Get fitted for a new pair of shoes at a running store and wear clothing that help you feel comfortable in the heat and humidity. Locally, Varsity Sports and Louisiana Running + Walking Co. are great options to get just the stuff you need.

Find Other Runners

Finding a group that will support you and your training is a great way to train. Yu can exchange tips, talk about your progress, and make running a more social activity! Consider joining the New Orleans Track Club (NOTC). When you join, you’ll get connected with many other local runners and save on entry fees for all the races they put on (and they put on a lot!).

Stretch, Stretch, Stretch

Stretching is super important, and in the New Orleans heat, your muscles can easily cramp! You can’t stick to your New Orleans running program or perform your best if you don’t stretch all your muscles, every day. Stretching only works if it is done consistently and it has a cumulative effect. Be sure to stretch throughout the duration of your race training.

New Orleans Upcoming Races

So now you know a little bit more about how to train for a race, but you might need a race to train for. Here is a list of upcoming races in New Orleans.

The 2018 Law Enforcement Appreciation 5K – New Orleans – July 28th

The 2018 Braver Than You Believe 5K & 10K- New Orleans – July 29th

POP! Super Sexy Summer Run/Walk 3K and 5K – August 4th

Jazz Half Marathon – October 27th

New Orleans Running Programs

If you’re ready to learn more about how to train for a race, contact All Inclusive Health today! All Inclusive Health’s running coaches can help you get ready for a New Orleans race. From a 5K to marathon, our coaches want to hear from you. Send us a message, give us a call at (504) 715 – 0397, or visit us today!