Tailgating is a terrific way to spend time with friends and family and enjoy the camaraderie and atmosphere before a football game. Despite all the fun things surrounding tailgates, one thing that can be challenging is finding healthy snacks to eat. Unfortunately tailgating is usually an event dominated by foods like hot dogs, potato chips, and sugary desserts all washed down with massive amounts of alcohol and soft drinks. Read on to discover some delicious, healthy tailgating snacks you can make that will stick to your diet and taste great, too!

healthy tailgating snacks

Meats & Mains

Baked Buffalo Chicken Bites

Ditch the deep-fried buffalo wings and switch the game up with these tasty, bite-sized bits of lean, shredded chicken breast. Combine the chicken with hot sauce, non-fat cream cheese and chopped green onions; spoon into bite-sized balls and coat in whole-grain bread crumbs for some kickin’ buffalo chicken bites that are healthy and downright irresistible.

Chicken or Lamb Kebabs

For some great grilled eats, try these healthy and delicious kebabs made with either chicken or lamb. Cut the meat into small pieces, then marinade in a low-fat dressing. Cut up red and green peppers, onions, and into small, bite-sized pieces, then spear all the ingredients and throw them on the grill! Get ready for an explosion of flavor that favors your waistline and your health.


Food Should Taste Good Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

For wholesome, healthy tortilla chips to snack on at your next tailgate, pick up a bag of Food Should Taste Good Blue Corn Tortilla Chips. Low in sodium and packed with whole grains like quinoa, blue corn, brown rice, and oats as well as flax, sunflower, and sesame seeds, these chips are extremely versatile and can be paired with a number of health dips for a great tailgating snack.

Flamous Original Falafel Chips
These flavorful falafel chips are organic, vegan, and gluten-free. With some of the lowest sodium levels you;ll see in a chip, along with one of the highest nutritional values, these tasty chips pack a one-two punch of both flavor and nutrition that makes them hard to resist!


Avocado Feta Dip

This easy to make avocado dip is amazingly tasty and is a great way to add some healthy flavors to your next tailgate spread. With a simple ingredient list of avocado, feta cheese, scallions, a lemon, and some pepper, this is one dip that is sure to quickly become a fan favorite at your next tailgate!

5-Minute Black Bean Dip

This awesome and easy black bean dip takes only 5 minutes to make, but it will make even the most inexperienced chef look like a real pro with its complex flavors and great consistency.



Next time you’re craving a margarita while celebrating before the game, skip the sugary store-bought margarita mix and try this insanely good margarita recipe that’s only 144 calories!

Bloody Marys

There’s nothing better than a delicious Bloody Mary to kick off game day! They give you a serving of veggies, and when freshly made, they’re already one of the healthiest cocktail options you can get.


Vegan Double Fudge Brownies

While these melt-in-your mouth brownies might taste sinful, they’re actually surprisingly healthy, savory, and even incorporate a veggie (zucchini!) for a rich, decadent, and nutritious dessert option.

Continue Your Nutritional Goals After the Game With AIH

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